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Crowdfunding The Sound of Ill Days

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The Film

The Sound of Ill Days follows Teresina, a struggling performance artist who supports herself teaching Spanish at a pre-school, and Patrick, a delusional writer and Twitter addict who works at a bookstore. Over the course of seven ill days, “ill” both in the sense of disturbed and its slang connotation of cool or exciting, their marriage tacitly enters a polyamorous phase. New sensual appetites are released and notions of internal and external stability are turned upside down. We watch the fabric of Teresina and Patrick’s lives unravels in this fluctuating state.

Beyond the love story, the film challenges preconceptions about Puerto Rican and American identity, inter-racial relationships, transculturation, media addiction and the working artist hustle.

The film will be directed by Rojo Robles and will feature cast members from Caborca Theatre and collaborations from emerging musical and visual artists from New York, San Francisco and Puerto Rico.

The People Behind
Founded by Rojo Robles and Veraalba Santa, El kibutz del deseo is a multidisciplinary artistic company that began in 2004 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has been based in Brooklyn since 2010. Over the last decade we have produced plays, performances, short films, musical events and recently started to publish fiction. In 2013, we created a division, This Wave, dedicated to filmmaking.

Our first film was a dance-short called Mascando Brooklyn and was given a presentation at Puerto Rico’s Museum of Contemporary Art. We are currently in pre-production for our second film project, a feature called The Sound of Ill Days. Inspired by Rojo Robles’ 2007 stage play El sonido de los días perdidos, the film is a re-telling of that play’s absurdist love story with characters living in the multicultural Brooklyn landscape and experiencing the struggles and joys of New York City life. The screenplay was developed by Robles in Caborca’s Writing Workshop led by playwright/director Javier Antonio González.

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