jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

Your Day is My Night en Post-Producción

Lynne Sachs, cineasta con la que llevo trabajando el último año en la co-escritura de la película Your Day Is My Night escribe este artículo/reflexión sobre el filme (ahora en proceso de post-producción).

Lynne Sachs, experimental filmmaker with whom I been co-writing the film Your Day Is My Night, wrote this article/reflection on the process of making this movie (on post-production)

Your Day is My Night (work in process), directed by Lynne Sachs
60 min., color, sound, HD video, 16mm, and Super 8mm film

“In Your Day is My Night, my collective of Chinese and Puerto Rican performers living in New York City explores the history and meaning of “shiftbeds” through verité conversations, character-driven fictions and integrated movement pieces. A shift-bed is shared by people who are neither in the same family nor in a relationship. From sleeping to making love, such a bed is a locus for evocative personal and social interactions. With male and female non-professional actors, I am creating a one-hour film which looks at issues of privacy, intimacy, privilege and ownership in relationship to this familiar item of furniture. A bed is an extension of the earth — embracing the shape of our bodies like a fossil where we leave our mark for posterity. But for transients, people who use hotels, and the homeless a bed is no more than a borrowed place to sleep. Inspired by theater visionaries Augusto Boal and the Wooster Group, I have conducted numerous performance workshops centered around the bed – experienced, remembered and imagined from profoundly different viewpoints.

Throughout 2011, I did approximately 40 in-depth interviews through a series of actor auditions. The material I garnered through these conversations is the basis for the narratives that I wrote with my co-writer Rojo Robles. In production, I guided my performers through visual scenarios that reveal a bed as a stage on which people manifest who they are at home and who they are in the world. During our shooting in an actual shift-bed apartment located in NYC’s Chinatown, the Puerto Rican and Chinese participants (several of whom have actually slept on shift-beds) exchange stories around domestic life, immigration and personal-political upheaval. They speak of all manner of things in their lives: family ruptures during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, nightclubs, weddings, four men on one bed in Chinatown.” (Lynne Sachs)

Cast: Che Chang-Qing, Yi Chun Cao, Yueh Hwa Chan (Linda), Kam Yin Tsui, Yun Xiu Huang, Ellen Ho, Sheut Hing Lee, Veraalba Santa Torres, Pedro Sanchez Tormes

Crew: Lynne Sachs (director); Sean Hanley (camera, co-produing and editing assistance); Rojo Robles (co-writer); Catherine Ng (translations); Jenifer Lee (translations); Ethan Mass (camera); Jeff Sisson (production assistance)

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